Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thiruvellakkulam (Annan Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – Temple Speciality

Thiruvellakkulam (Annan Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – Temple Speciality
1. This Divyadesam is known as "South Tirupathi". All the offering in due to the Thiru Venkatamudayan of Tirupathi can be offered here too.
2. This sthalam is the Avathara sthalam of Kumudhavalli Naachiyaar (wife of Thirumangai Azwar).
3. Whenever Thirumangai Azwar comes to this sthalam, villagers pick up the Azwar from boundary of the Village. He was given two coconuts smeared with turmeric powder. There is a great custom involved in this issue. (i e) Whenever son-in-law comes to his wife's place, he would be offered and greeted along with the coconuts. Since, Thirumangai Azwar married Kumudhavalli Naachiyaar, he is offered along with two coconuts. When Azwar leave the village the villagers will go along with Azwar up to the boundary of the village. Kumudhavalli Nachiyar was found on the banks of the pond and brought up by a vaishnavite who later was married to the Thirumangai Alwar.
4. Annan Perumal is considered as elder to Tiruvinnagar i.e. Uppiliappan Kovil and the Thirumalai. Any Prarthanai to be performed to either of the two can be performed hear. In the Mangalasasanam for Annan Perumal and Thirumalai only Thirumangai Azwar used the word “Anna”. The name of the deity is also Annan perumal. 

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