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Kodi Kuzhagar Temple, Kodiakkarai, Nagapattinam – Legends

Kodi Kuzhagar Temple, Kodiakkarai, Nagapattinam – Legends
Rama disagreeing Sugriva Proposal:
The sea route to Lanka is short from this place. Sugriva planned to build a bridge from here to Lanka to help Rama to cross the sea. But Lord Sri Rama disagreed with the proposal as Kodiakkarai is behind Lanka and that would not be right or graceful to attack Ravana from behind and proceeded to Dhanushkodi being opposite to the front entrance of the island. He worshipped Lord Shiva here before proceeding to Lanka. Remembering this event, the foot prints of Rama is carved here. Lord Shiva in the temple is also praised as Amirtha Kadeswarar.
Lord Shiva directing Rama to build Bridge in Rameshwaram:
Rama is said to have sighted Sri Lanka from here, and what is believed to be his footprint is preserved nearby. It is believed that Rama attempted to build a bridge to Sri Lanka from here, and was directed by Shiva to proceed to Rameswaram. It is considered sacred to bathe in the sea here during the Uttarayana and Dakshinayana transition.  Local belief has it that this shrine is inhabited by Siddhas.
Murugan with Amirtha Kalasam:
When Devas and Asuras churned Thiruppaarkadal for Nectar, many things came out of Ocean and finally they got the Nectar. Vayu Bhagavan was carrying the Nectar pot, Asuras created wind storm. Pot tilted and nectar fell down which formed as Siva Lingam and some Nectar was collected in a pot by Lord Subramanyar. Here we see Subramanyar with Amirta Kalasam. Hence Shiva is called Amritaghateswarar and Theertham as Amrita Theertham.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Suvedha Munivar’s son Braman, Siddhars, Naradhar, Indiran, Cheraman Peruman, Sundarar and Kuzhka Munivar worshipped Lord Shiva of this temple.

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