Friday, October 7, 2016

Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple, Thirukkadaiyur – Prayers

Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple, Thirukkadaiyur – Prayers
Majority of the devotees perform their birth days, Sashti Aptha Poorthy (completing 60 years) Ukra Radha Shanti (completing 59 years) Beemaradha Shanti (completing 70 years), Satabhishekam (completing 80 years) seeking Lord and Mother blessings.  Devotees completing their 60 years for celebrating their Sashti Aptha Poorthy called Mani Vizha in Tamil, include not only those from Tamilnadu but from states of India and countries of the world.   
People celebrate their 50th wedding day and for relief from adverse aspects of planets.  Mother Abhirami is all merciful and powerful.  She grants boons of prosperity, wedding, child and distinction in academic pursuits. People worship Lord Kalasamhara Murthy for longevity. Many pray to Lord Amirthakadeswarar for mental peace and relief from confusions. They also pray for job opportunities and profits in trade and industry.
Those seeking wedding boon offer Wedding garlands. Some offer their child in adoption for child boon and perform Rudrabishekam. Those suffering from diseases of serous nature, perform Conch Abishek (Sangabishegam) for cure. Patients facing heart related problems conduct the Mrutyunjaya Homa (conquering the God of Death). Many devotees with staunch faith had survived even serious heart attacks.
Devotees perform abishek to Mother Abhirami with sandal, rice flour, cosmetic powders, oil, milk, curd, green coconut, Panchamirtham, lime juice, honey. Women scared of the safety of their Mangal Sutra (fear of widowhood) use to place a new mangal sutra at the feet of Ambika wear it, leaving the old one at her feet. Many undertake Annadhanam-feeding. Many contribute liberally for the renovation of the temple. They also offer Sari to Mother.

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