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Thiruarimeya Vinnagaram (Kudamudakoothan Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple

Thiruarimeya Vinnagaram (Kudamudakoothan Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple
The temple has a 3-tier gopuram. It is surrounded by paddy fields and is located in Thirunangur, a small village, 10 km away from Sirkazhi en route to Thiruvenkadu. The temple tank is located north of the temple. Sage Uthankar is believed to have worshiped the presiding deity of the temple. The central shrine houses the image of Krishna seated with his legs on a pot.

The Moorthy of Moolavar is a Sudhai sculpture made of burnt clay and hence only Thailakappu is allowed here and no Thirumanjanam is done. This darshan, according to belief, brings all happiness to devotees. As Lord came to this place dancing with a pot-Kudam, He is praised as Kudam Aadu Koothan.  The name also refers to the event of Lord holding the Govardhana hill as an umbrella to protect the people of Gokhulam when the place faced a heavy rainfall. 

Thirumangai Azhwar refers this action and calls the deity "Kudamadu Koothar", meaning "Oh, pot dancer". The presiding deity is sported in seated posture facing east. The festival deity, Chaturbhuja Gopalan, is a panchaloha image sported with four arms and his consort is Amruthakadavalli housed in a separate sanctum. There are shrines for Azhwars, Lord Sri Rama-Sita in the prakara-corridor.

As Ari (Vishnu) resides (Meviya) here, the place is called Aria Meya Vinnagaram. There is no flag post in the temple. The peeta is too tall that the devotee has to use the steps, indicating that in the Bhakti (devotion) path one has to climb many steps to reach God. The temple has a single prakara. The three-tiered Rajagopuram is impressive and simple. The temple is built in a Dravidian style of architecture. It is Second and one among the Thirunangur Thirupathi's.

The Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Sri Kuda Maadu Koothan. (The idol of Moolavar is of the type Sudhai Vadivam is made from burnt clay and hence only Thailakappu is allowed here i.e no Thirumanjanam is done here). The Moolavar is in the Irundha (Sitting) Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards east direction. Prathyaksham is given for Uthanga Maharishi. 
The Thayaar found in this sthalam is Amrutha Kadavalli.
The Utsavar found in this sthalam is Gopalakrishnan and he is found with 4 arms.
·        Thirumangaialwar - 10 Paasurams
·        Kodi theertham
·        Amirtha theertham
·        Uchasringa Vimaanam

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