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Thiruthetriyambalam (Palli Konda Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple

Thiruthetriyambalam (Palli Konda Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple
The temple complex has a single prakaram (outer courtyard) and a separate shrine for Thayar, the consort. It is located close to Thirunangur, a small village, 8 km east of Sirkali en route to Thiruvenkadu. The temple has two shrines enclosed in a compound wall. The presiding deity, Pallikonda Perumal is sported in Bhujanga Sayanam (recumbent posture) with four arms facing east. The presiding deity is called by various names like Senganmal, Ranganathar and Sreelakshmirangar. The shrine of the consort, Bhujangavalli, is in a shrine parallel to the sanctum, facing east.

The vimana above the sanctum is called Veda Vimanam.  Lord Shiva and Mother Sengamala Nachiar had the darshan of Lord in the temple. Besides the presiding deity, Lord Lakshmi Narayana, Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi, Chakarathzhwar and Lord Santhana Gopalakrishnan bless the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum. Mother Sengamalavalli Thayar blesses from her own separate shrine.  12 Azhwars and Sri Anjaneya are in the Mahamandapam.

This is the only Lord Vishnu temple among the 108 Divya Desas known as Ambalam.  Of the 11 Perumal who came to this place, Perumal in the Temple is but very Sri Ranganatha of Srirangam. Worshipping Perumal here is equal to worshipping Srirangam Perumal.  In the east faced Temple Lord Perumal is in a reclining form on the Adisesha bed with four hands.  His head and right hand are on a wooden stand.  The left hand is on the hip.  Mother Sridevi is on the head side and Mother Bhoodevi is at the feet side.

Theertham of this Temple is Surya Pushkarini; though the Lord is in sleeping posture, He is guarding his devotees using Yoga Maya and is seeing the world happenings through his sun like eyes. So the Pushkarani is named as Surya Pushkarani. Vimanam is Veda Vimanam; in order to inform people that the ideal person explained in the Vedas is none other than himself, the vimanam is named as Vedha Vimaanam.

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