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Thiruvanpurushothamam (Purushotama Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple

Thiruvanpurushothamam (Purushotama Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple
The temple has a small shrine with Vimanam and only one sanctum. It is surrounded by paddy fields and is located in Thirunangur, a small village, 10 km away from Sirkali en route to Thiruvenkadu. The temple has a three tiered vimana (shrine over the sanctum), and the temple is enclosed by rectangular walls. The image of the presiding deity Purushothaman and his consort Purushothama Nayagi are depicted in standing posture. The image of the festival deities are also housed in the same shrine.

Accompanied by Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi, Purushothaman appears in a standing posture facing east.  Mother Purushothama Nayaki blesses devotees from her own shrine in the southwest side of the temple in a sitting position. Shrines of Andal, Rama with Sita and Lakshmana, Anjaneya, Nammazhwar, Udayavar Sri Ramanuja, Senai Mudaliar are in the inner prakara. The vimana above the presiding deity is of Sanjeevi Vigraha Vimana design.  The Utsavar Purushothaman of this kshetram is so beautiful that he can easily attract everyone’s heart and attention towards him.

This temple is 30th among the 108 Divya Desas of Perumal. There are only two Purushothama temples, one in Karamanur near Tiruchi and the one here.  Great Vaishnavite Acharya Sri Manavala Mamunigal stayed in Van Purushothama temple and served the Lord for two years. The temple has three Anjaneya shrines. In the Sri Rama shrine, he appears in a worshipping position with hands folded and mouth closed. The Tiruparkadal with crystal clear water without the green stuff (Paasi in Tamil) is north of this place. Perumal is very fond of Shenbaga flowers.

The Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Sri Purushothaman. The Moolavar is in the Nindra (Standing) Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards east direction. Prathyaksham is given for Ubamanyu Maharishi. 
The Thayaar found in this sthalam is Purushotama Naayaki.
The Utsavar found in this sthalam is also Purushothaman.
·        Thirumangaialwar - 10 Paasurams
·        Thiruppaarkadal Theertham
·        Sanjeevi Vigraha Vimaanam

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