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Kazheesirama Vinnagaram (Thadalan Kovil), Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam – The Temple

Kazheesirama Vinnagaram (Thadalan Kovil), Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam – The Temple
Lord Trivikrama appears in the sanctum sanctorum with his left leg above his head, showing the right hand as if to receive the Dhaan and a finger of the left hand as if asking for the next one foot land promised to him. This is the Trivikrama form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Narayana poses as Thirivikrama with all his five weapons. The Vimana above the sanctum is called Pushkala Vimana. Procession deity Thadalan is nearby. He is also praised as Thavittu Panai Thadalan.

Thal in Tamil means Earth or World, Aalan means the ruler. As Lord scaled the world with his Foot, Sri Andal called him Thadalan. The verses of Sri Andal are pieces of delight with sweet melody of Tamil coupled with their spiritual content. Nearby Andal is Lord Santhana Gopalakrishna.  Those seeking child boon pray here.

Lord Vishnu’s handsome chest is the abode of Mother Sri Mahalakshmi. In this temple, Mother is holding the Lord on her chest. As Lord stands here with one leg on the ground, to help him balancing, Mother is holding the Lord so that he should not feel the pain of standing by one leg. The Kausthuba gem chain on the Lord’s chest is therefore on that of Mother, a rare darshan. Women pray here to earn the love of their husbands. The darshan also brings re-union among couples separated. Procession Mother is hiding the main mother leaving only her face for the devotees who is holding her Lord. Swing festival is conducted on each Friday in the shrine.

The main deity of this temple is Lord Trivikrama Narayana Perumal (Lord Vishnu), with his left leg above his head, facing the east direction. The other deities of this temple are Goddess Loganayaki, consort of Lord Trivikrama Narayana Perumal, Lord Thadalan, the festival deity, Goddess Mattavizhum Kuzhali, consort of Lord Thadalan, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Andal, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and the Azhwars. The temple is built in a Dravidian style and it has three-tiered Rajagopuram (gateway tower).

Lord Perumal in his Vamana Avatar form is in the front mandapam with his right hand receiving alms, holding an umbrella in his left hand and wearing the Salagrama garland. Devotees realizing their wishes offer their prayer commitment to Perumal. Saint Tirumangai Azhwar is nearby with his Vel and anklet in the feet. As Perumal scaled the whole world by one foot, those performing Vastu Puja place the sand of their land at his feet praying for all prosperity.

There is also a shrine for Lord Sri Rama in the prakara and one for Sri Anjaneya outside the temple. Two pujas are performed for Golden Garuda. Lord Sattainathar temple where Mother Parvathi fed Saint Gnana Sambandar is also nearby. The Sangu (conch) which yields paramapadham and Chakram gives all wealth. The temple tank represents here as Shangu Pushkarani and Chakra Theertham.

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