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Karunellinathar Temple, Thiruthangal – Legends

Karunellinathar Temple, Thiruthangal – Legends
As per a Hindu legend, Ranganatha (the reclining form of Vishnu) from Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple was enamoured by the devotion of Andal. He started a journey to Srivilliputhur Divya Desam to seek her hand for marriage. While reaching the place, it became dark and he decided to spend the night in the place. Since he stayed at this place, it came to be known as Thiruthangal and the hillock came to be known as Thalagiri. 
Origin of Arjuna River:
As per another legend, the Pandavas from Mahabharata were living in exile and were roaming around the forest of Western Ghats. They could not get water for performing their daily pooja. As Sun was rising, Arjuna, one of the princes, prayed to Ganga to send water to the place and shot an arrow that split earth and brought forth a river. The river that originated is believed to be the Arjuna river in modern times. 
The place where the temple was located was believed to be housing two Amla trees (called nelli in Tamil) and hence got the name as Irunellinathar, which later went on to become Karunellinathar.
Thiruthangal Murugan:
The shrine of Lord Muruga was built by a devotee named Arumuga Thambiran.  He used to visit Palani each year for darshan of Lord Muruga. During one such annual Padayathra, he could not cross a canal on the way as he grew old. He stayed there itself and performed pujas. When he dug the earth to make oven for cooking, he got gold coins which he used to build the temple. People celebrate Muruga of this place – Thiruthangal – as powerful and graceful as he is in Palani.

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