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Varadharaja Perumal Temple (Hayagriva Temple), Chettipunnyam, Kanchipuram

Varadharaja Perumal Temple (Hayagriva Temple), Chettipunnyam, Kanchipuram
Varadaraja Perumal Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu located at Chettipunnyam Village near Chengalpet Town in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. This Temple is also called as Hayagriva Temple and Devanatha Swamy Temple. However the temple is more popularly known as Yoga Hayagrivar Temple who blesses the devotees with education and knowledge. The Moolavar is Sri Varadaraja perumal while the Utsavar is known as Devanatha perumal. So the temple is called by all three names.

The Thayar here is known as Hemabuja Nayagi. There is a separate shrine for Rama, Lakshmanan, Sita and Hanuman. Just as Goddess Saraswathi is worshiped before commencing education or the study of any scripture, in the Vaishnava tradition, Hayagriva’s blessings are sought when beginning the study of both sacred and secular subjects. Chettipunnyam village is located about 30 kms from Tambaram on west of GST Road, after Singapperumal Koil.

The incarnation of Lord Vishnu called Hayagriva is not one of the Dashavatarams (ten primary incarnations). Hayagriva is a horse-faced figure of Vishnu (Sanskrit: haya-horse; griva-neck) and is symbolic of the primary Guru or teacher and the giver of knowledge and learning. He is also hailed as Hayasirsa (Sanskrit: haya-Horse; śira-head).

When two demons (asuras) Madhu and Kaidaba stole Vedas from Lord Brahma (the creator of the world as per Hinduism), Lord Vishnu took the form of Hayagriva (horse face and human body), killed the demons, and handed over the Vedas to Lord Brahma. Hence, Lord Hayagriva is considered as the God of Knowledge.

Hayagriva is the Supreme God of Learning, according to Vaishnavite scriptures. Sri Vedanta Desikar meditated on the Lord at Oushathadri (Thiruvahindirapuram) and was blessed with all knowledge. He prays to the Lord in his Hayagriva Sthothram, the first lyrical work of the great Acharya. The idol of Hayagriva worshipped by him is in the Parakala Math at Mysore.

For brief details, please refer below link;
The Temple
For brief details, please refer below link;
Temple Opening Time
The Temple is open from 7.30 AM to 12 Noon and, 4 PM to 7.30 PM (open all days of the week).
Festivals are conducted for Lord Devanatha during Vaikasi Makam, the day when he was first brought to the temple. Parivettai on a Sunday in the month of Thai, Adhyayana Utsavam, Adi Pooram, Panguni Uthiram, Sri Ramanavami and Sattrumurai for Nammazhwar, Ramanuja and Desikar are the other festivals held here. Hayagriva Jayanthi, celebrated on Avani Thiruvonam day, draws thousands of devotees from far and near.
Religious Practices
The temple rituals are conducted according to the Vaikhanasa Agama. The priests, who accompanied the Lord from Thiruvahindirapuram when he was brought here, stayed on and their descendants conduct the poojas now. There is a practice of lighting deepam and praying their wish. You may buy the lamp inside the temple for Rs 2 per lamp. Few temple cows and calves were seen and people offer them bananas etc. and worship them by touching them. Some people even offer cash/coins on top of the cattle, which the temple caretakers collects it.
Many students visit this temple praying for their good scores in examinations. One can see students coming here with their pens, pencils, hall tickets etc. keep them at the Lord’s feet before taking their exams. Many of these students write their exam roll numbers and wishes to perform well all along the walls. Also we can see students writing their target scores on the exam with their roll number all over the walls of the temple. Though the temple administration has announced on the walls, not to scribble on them, no one seems to respect that.
People who suffer from speaking disorder may do honey neivedyam and consuming it daily will help them curing from the disorder. Praying Yoga Hayagrivar will lift one from studies, improves memory, clear hurdles on marriage proposals. Azhinjal tree is found on the prakaram, where students tie pieces of cloth and arranges stones in decks and pray.
Sri Yoga Hayagrivar Temple,
Chettipunnyam Village,
Kanchipuram District,
Phone: +91 – 44 – 27400863 / 274631731 / 28173263
Mobile: +91 – 8675127999
Chettipunnyam village is located about 50 Kms from Chennai and 30 kms from Tambaram on west of GST Road, after Singapperumal Koil. The temple situated 5 Kms from Singapperumal Koil and 3 Kms from the Mahindra World City (take road right opposite to the Mahendra World City entrance). It is 3 km from GST road and there are autos easily available that would take you to the temple arena. There is also 60C Bus available.
Travelling on the GST from Chennai, take the right just opposite Mahindra City gate after Singapperumal koil. Cross the railway gate and continue straight on the road for about 3 kms. Once you reach the village you need the take a left and the temple is on a small lane in the right side. The nearest Railway Station is located on Singapperumal koil on the Chennai Beach – Chengalpet route.

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