Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Angala Parameshwari Temple, Karisulndamangalam, Thirunelveli

Angala Parameshwari Temple, Karisulndamangalam, Thirunelveli
Angala Parameshwari Temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Parvathi located at Karisulndamangalam Village near Cheranmahadevi in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. It is also called as Karisulntha Amman Temple. Long ago, Karisulndamangalam happened to be a sugar-cane forest that was also home to herds of elephants. Every day, the elephant herds showered flowers and performed pooja at a particular spot. On one occasion, the king came to hunt in the forest; he saw the elephants at their pooja and asked his servants to dig that spot. When they did so an Amman idol was found.

The idol was consecrated and a temple built, a Kumbabishekam performed. In honour of the elephant pooja, the idol was named Karisulntha Amman. This temple is maintained by the local sect, with expense-money collected through taxes from their families. If a male child is born in a family, he is named ‘Karisoolndan’ and female child is named ‘Karisoolndal’. This has become their custom. The Ashta bandhana Kumbabishekam of this temple took place 21.3.2002.

Varushabishegam in Panguni Month, Aadi Tuesdays and Panguni Kodai Vizha (on 3rd Tuesday) are the festivals celebrated in this Temple with much fanfare. Karisulndamangalam is located at about 3 Kms from Pattamadai, 5 Kms from Cheranmahadevi, 12 Kms from Veeravanallur, 30 Kms from Thirunelveli, 191 Kms from Madurai, 75 Kms from Thoothukudi and 150 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram. From Tirunelveli, buses every 15minutes to Pathamadai (Ambai / Papanasam) bound buses. Take an auto from Pathamadai to reach Karisulntha Mangalam( 2kms). Auto will cost Rs. 80 (to and fro). Bus 36D runs between Tirunelveli and Karisulntha Mangalam. Nearest Railway Station is located at Cheranmahadevi and Veeravanallur. Nearest Airport is located at Madurai, Thoothukudi and Thiruvananthapuram.

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