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Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram – Modern Kamakshi Amman Temple

Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram – Modern Kamakshi Amman Temple
The Siruthondar Puranam of Sekkilar Peruman, written during this time, is aware of both the temples and mentions the original temple as the Yoga Peeta and the present Kamakshi Devi temple as Bhoga Peetam. The reference to the present Kamakshi Devi as Aram Purappaval (bestower of boons) by Sekkilar Peruman is noteworthy, as the present name of the street in which this new temple is located in Kanchipuram is called Arapanak Ara Theru.
The present Kamakshi temple too, has a Sri Chakra which was established during the 16th Century by Nrusimhadvari, of the famous dathamanji family. There is a stone inscription inside the new temple, near this Sri Chakra, which states this fact. It is noteworthy that Arunagirinathar a 15th Century Tamil Saint sings in praise of the Goddess as Devi of dark emerald complexion and the mother of Muruga of Kumarakottam.
The Original Kamakshi Devi temple i.e. Adi Peeteswari Kamakshi Devi Temple is just adjacent to the Kumarakottam. Arunagirinathar mentions the Sri Yantra in the Kamakshi Devi temple, which can apply, during the 15th century, only to the original Adi Peeteswari Kamakshi Devi, which contained the Sri Chakra installed by Adi Shankara. Arunagirinathar does not make any reference to the new temple.
Also noteworthy is the fact that this new temple's legend considers the Bangaru Kamakshi at Thanjavur as Dharmadevi. This is the metallic counterpart of the stone image of Dharmadevi, which is at present at Thiruparuthikunram (Jina Kanchi) to where it was removed from this present Kamakshi (Tara Devi) temple after the conversion of the Jain Tara Devi temple into Hindu Sakta tradition has become stronger. There is a stone inscription at the Jina Kanchi temple which explains this fact. There are strong evidences that Dharadevi was worshipped in the present day main shrine.

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