Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem - Prayers

Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem - Prayers
Devotees pray to Vikata Chakra Vinayaka in the temple with coconut, fruits, sugar and perform archanas for the welfare of children with Balarishta (Bala-children, Arishta – illness) aspects from the planets.  It may be noted that the invocation song in Kandapuranam by Kachiappa Sivachariar is addressed to Vikata Chakkara Vinayaka.
Those worried about the adverse aspects of lizards falling on their bodies indicating omens, come to the temple for relief.  Child boon, marriage, job opportunities are other prayers submitted to the Lord here. Sage Sukha worshipped in the temple taking a parrot form.  Hence, the place came to be known as Sukhavanam and the Lord Sukhavaneswarar. 
The temple is mentioned in the hymns of Arunagiriar and is linked with events as the Lord granting darshan to Adisesha, Chera king, the Devas worshipping the Lord in the form of Bodhi tree (Arasamaram) and the celebrated Tamil woman poet Avvaiyar conducting the marriage of her adopted daughter.
Devotees perform abishek to the Lord and Mother with Turmeric paste, Sandalwood paste and panchamirtham and also offer vastras.

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