Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Sanctum Sanctorum

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Sanctum Sanctorum
Arthanareeswarar (Shiva) is one of the 64 manifestations of Lord Shiva, representing the unity of Shiva and Parvati (unique manifestation of Half Male Half Female). One has to enter the temple from the main entrance-Rajagopuram-from the south; sanctum sanctorum faces west. In this temple Lord Shiva appears in man-woman combination in one idol; the right part of the idol is half of Parvathi Devi and the left half is Lord Shiva’s half.
There is a saying that wife is the better half; True to the saying, here Lord Shiva has given his left part of body to goddess Parvathi, his wife . It means that there is no Shiva without the Sakthi; and no Sakthi without Shiva. All men and women are equal. No man without woman; no woman without man. It is an undeniable law of nature.
So the main deity is called Umai Oru Bagan, Ammaiappan, Mangaipangan and Madhorubagan. There is a natural fountain in sanctum sanctorum.

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