Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kilakarai Light House, Ramanathapuram

Kilakarai Light House, Ramanathapuram
Kilakkarai Lighthouse is located at Kilakkarai in the Ramanathapuram District of Tamilnadu. The lighthouse started functioning on 2 October 1979. There was no lighthouse at this location prior to the installation of the present structure. A flag mast was present at this location previously to assist fishermen. The light source was modified on 30 April 2003.

Kilakarai Light house paves an important one for the fisher-mans in Kilakarai to reach the right destination after their fishing is completed. This is one of the old light house and helping the fisherman's for decades. In every evening people in Kilakarai will come near this light house and spend their time in the newly constructed bridge on the sea shore.

It was a concrete tower and the shape was hexagonal prism tower with balcony and lantern. Markings in the tower follow white and red horizontal bands. Height of the tower is 30 metres (98 ft.). Focal height of the tower is 35 metres (115 ft.).

This light house is constructed near the sea shore and it’s surrounded by walls and it has a gate entry where people can enter through it but it's been restricted by the Coastal Guards. The view of light house is really good and an eye-catching one. 

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