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Madhangeeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram

Madhangeeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram
Madhangeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva and located in the Kanchipuram Town. This temple was built by Pallavas in the year of 800-900 AD. The architecture of this temple is same as Kailasanathar temple. The size was almost same like Jvarahareshwarar Temple. It has 8 lion pillars each carved out of single stone (monoliths). Inscriptions can be seen on the upper portion of the lion pillars. A big Shiva lingam is at the centre of temple. There are elephant statues in each corner around the temple. This temple is maintained by Archeological Survey of India (ASI) and it is one of the most visited places by history enthusiasts and foreigners.

There were 6 huge panels in the maha mandapam. On either sides of the door were huge relief sculptures of Dwarapalakas, complete with Pathra Kundalam, Vampire teeth, flying hair, 4 hands, club etc. The first panel on the left wall is Gaja Samhara Murthy. The facial features are gone. A scared Uma is seen on the left. The elephants face is seen on the right. Lord Shiva has 6 hands. The second panel on the left is Ravana Anugraha Murthy. Almost 2/3rd the height is covered by Ravana in the composition. 5 faces of Ravana are visible and almost 15-16 hands are visible. He is kneeling down and shaking the Himalayas. 3 Bootha ganas are seen and Shiva and Parvathi are atop. On either side of them are flying celestials.

The first panel on the right wall is of Ganga descending on Shiva with Parvathi beside. A sage with beard and top knot, possibly Bhagiratha/Arjuna is seen to the left. Shiva has 4 hands and is holding Parvathi with one. He's holding a strand of his hair with another hand and Ganga is coming down from the top right corner. She has her hands in praying pose, and her lower body is just stream like. A dog is seen on the top left corner.

The second panel on the right wall is of Siva in Urdhva Thandavam. He had one foot on ground and one foot towards sky with a hand around that leg. He has 10 hands. A person (possibly, Parvathy) is seen seated on the left looking tired, vexed with one hand on the head and two musicians are seen on the right. There is Muyalagan beneath. The outer wall is completely filled with panels of individual Gods and Goddesses with two people on either side with Lion Pillars at regular intervals.

Madhangeeswarar Temple was constructed during the reign of Nandivarman Pallava. This Temple is square, three tier Vesara type vimana with circular griva and sikhara. This is earliest extant temples to possess a circular griva and sikhara though the model of this form is represented in the Bhima ratha, at Mamallapuram.

The Temple is standing with their front mandapa on a raised adhishtana, which is again placed on upapitha and the pattika over the adhishtana, the whole temple is built of sandstone. First and second tiers of the temple have haramala consisting of karnakutas and salas. The third tier is devoid of haramala, but carries four Nandis at the corners. Sculpture on the walls of the temple is mostly sun relief. These may have been carved several years after the original construction.

The Temple is located diagonally opposite to CSI Hospital at Hospital Road, Kanchipuram. This Temple is located near Vaikunthavasa Perumal temple and to the south of it. 

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