Friday, October 7, 2016

Agnipureeswarar Temple, Thirupugalur – Prayers

Agnipureeswarar Temple, Thirupugalur – Prayers
Vasthu purity is an important basis for constructing buildings. This is a science that deals with the designing of the apartments in a particular direction – Kitchen, bathrooms, main hall, bedrooms etc. – at appropriate sides. This would avoid any invisible troubles entering then. This is a temple noted for Vasthu prayer. Before beginning the construction, people use to bring the bricks to the temple, perform archanas and take them back for the building work. 
Pregnant women worship Ambica for safe delivery. According to the Sthala Purana, Ambica herself as a midwife took care of a woman in labour pain and ensured safety to both mother and child. Prasad oil is offered in the temple for the purpose. Devotees worship Lord Agneeswarar for mental peace. They are blessed with boons of wedding, child, and job opportunity, progress in trade, promotions and welfare.
Devotees offer Kalyana Malai-wedding garland and vastras to Lord and Ambica for the wedding boon. They also perform abishek with milk, cosmetic powders, turmeric, sacred ash, oil, milk etc. and dress Ambica with sandal paste. Devotees distribute the nivedhana to other devotees and contribute for temple renovation fund.

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