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Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple, Thirukkadaiyur – Temple Speciality

Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple, Thirukkadaiyur – Temple Speciality
Among the Eight Veeratanam (Avatharam) of Lord Shiva this is the Eighth Veeratanam. This temple is particularly associated with Shiva saving his devotee Markandeya from death and the tale of Saint Abirami Pattar. The Linga is swayambu. The temple is west facing. If one observes closely, they could see another Linga too.
When the Lord of Death Yama, spread the rope on the Sivalingam, it caused a scar on the Sivalingam. It is still visible on the Linga. The Lord in the form of Kalasamharamoorthy, in the copper idol, looks furious, majestic, waving the Shoola on Yama and hit him by the left leg. Many Siddhas performed penance here of whom, Pampatti Siddhar was one.
The nine planets have no power here; all devotees coming here perform pujas to the Kalasamharamoorthy only. There will be no Rahu effects in Thirukkadaiyur. It is also said that Goddess Abirami came from the Jewel of Mahavishnu. Brahma, Agasthya, Pulasthya, Durga worshipped the Lord here of the 63 Nayanmars, Kari and Kungilia Kalaya Nayanar lived here and served the Lord.
Thirukkadaiyur is the place where Lord Shiva has bestowed immortality to Sri Markandeya and best owed with Ever Sixteen Age (16).  Lord Shiva (Mirthunjayamoorthi) killed the God Yaksha (Yaman) and saved his votary’s life. He has also bestowed Yama with the Absolution for the sake of the Goddess Bhoomadevi.
This is a special temple where people come here to perform the marriage rituals on special occasions like the ones mentioned below;
·        At The Age of 60 - Ukradha Shanthi
·        At The Age of 61 - Sashtiaptha Poorthy
·        At The Age of 70 - Bhima ratha Shanthi
·        At The Age of 75 - Vijayaratha Shanthi
·        At The Age of 80 - Sadhabishegam
·        At The Age of 85 - Roudhri Shanthi
·        At The Age of 90 - Kaala Swaroopa Showri Shanthi
·        At The Age of 95 - Thrayampaka Mahaarathy Shanthi
·        At The Age of 100 - Maha Mritthunjaya Shanthi

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