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Kalahasteeswarar Temple, Karisulndamangalam, Thirunelveli

Kalahasteeswarar Temple, Karisulndamangalam, Thirunelveli
Kalahasteeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Karisulndamangalam Village near Cheranmahadevi in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. On 16.09.2007, under the auspices of the Swati Nakshatram, a Kumbabishekam was performed after completing the renovation works related with this temple. This temple is considered to be Rahu and Kethu Parihara Sthalam.

Once upon a time, in the Sathas of Brahma, at Sathya Loka, Durvasa Maha Rishi chanted the Vedas; at a certain point, he erred in swara and goddess Saraswathi laughed. Durvasa became angry and cursed Saraswathi, deeming that she should born as a human being, live for 64 years and teach 64 arts. Brahma informed Durvasa that his curse had resulted in loss of benefits from his penance and he could get back the same by taking bath in the holy rivers in the Earth.
Durvasa came to Earth, bathed in rivers Ganges and Yamuna and then reached Kalahasthi (located in present day Andhra Pradesh). At Kalahasthi, he bathed in Swarnamukhi and performed poojas for one year. Feeling blessed and pleased, Easwara gave Durvasa a ‘Linga’ and told him to take the Linga and pooja flowers to the river Thamirabarani. He instructed Durvasa to establish the Linga at the place where the flowers fell.
Accordingly Durvasa came here in the month of Karthigai on Tirukarthikai day and established the Linga at the place where the flowers fell. The Lord and Devi appeared before him and asked him to perform pooja here, for a period of a year. Consequently, Durvasa followed a daily routine of bathing in the Thamirabarani and performing pooja through a whole year, and thus recovered his lost penance; ultimately he left for Sathya Lokam. 
·        Swathi Nakshathra Varushabishegam in the month Avani 
·        Shivarathri – 4 Kaala Pooja in the month Masi
·        Monthly Pradosham Poojas
Karisulndamangalam is located at about 3 Kms from Pattamadai, 5 Kms from Cheranmahadevi, 12 Kms from Veeravanallur, 30 Kms from Thirunelveli, 191 Kms from Madurai, 75 Kms from Thoothukudi and 150 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram. From Tirunelveli, buses every 15minutes to Pathamadai (Ambai / Papanasam) bound buses. Take an auto from Pathamadai to reach Karisulntha Mangalam( 2kms). Auto will cost Rs. 80 (to and fro). Bus 36D runs between Tirunelveli and Karisulntha Mangalam. Nearest Railway Station is located at Cheranmahadevi and Veeravanallur. Nearest Airport is located at Madurai, Thoothukudi and Thiruvananthapuram.

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