Thursday, May 4, 2017

Nalumukku, Manjolai Hills

Nalumukku, Manjolai Hills
Nalumukku is only a short distance away from Manjolai estate. The approach to Nalumukku is very adventurous. The roads are small and through dense vegetation. There are sudden sharp turns leading through dense vegetation straight in to the forest. This road leads on to a wooden bridge under which there is a steady stream. The place looks like a picture right out of an adventure story.

The climate is cool and pleasant because of the altitude and the dense cover of the forest. Nalumukku can be visited throughout the year. In summer, it is sweltering hot during the day and sweaters are needed in the night as it will be very cold in the night. In April there is a festival at the local temple and worth a visit. It is difficult to find accommodation in Nalumukku and the nearest place will be at the base of Manjolai Tea Estate.

There is a small tea shop where food is available but has to be ordered in advance. Accommodation is also available in the Government Guest House at Kuthiravetti but has to be booked earlier. The ground behind the Guest house is a good location to view Sambar deer, wild boars, and bears. Permission from the Forest Officer is required to go to Manjolai Estate and further and all places being visited, that is, Nalumukku, Kodayar and beyond should be specifically mentioned on the order.

To visit Kodayar Dam, permission is required from the officials of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. To visit local places, it is advisable to hire a local taxi as they will handle the permits and passes that are required. Nalumukku is located at about 600 meters from Manjolai Tea Estate, 6 Kms from Kuthiravetti, 14 Kms from Manjolai and 36 Kms from Manimuthar.

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Ashwin said...

Nice trip to Manjolai hills in Tirunelveli. Thanks for sharing this post, with delightful pictures. I have visited Tirunelveli but i missed my trip to Manjolai hills. Next time i should visit this place in Universal Travels .