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Ambal Brahmapureeswarar Temple – Legends

Ambal Brahmapureeswarar Temple – Legends
Worshipped by Lord Brahma:
When both the Lords Vishnu and Brahma had difference of opinion that they were the Absolute Truth – Brahman – the God stood between them as a lofty fire pillar and told them that anyone who could see the head or foot of this fire pillar would be declared as the Cosmic One. Lord Vishnu took the form of a Boar and started his quest to find out the foot, but came back and announced his impossibility. Lord Brahma as a Swan flew off to see the head and returned saying a lie that he had seen the head. God cursed Brahma to become a swan and Brahma pleaded to the Lord to pardon him.
The Lord asked Brahma to go to this sacred place, Punnakavanam and meditate. Brahma reached this holy place, created a pond and with the water of this pond conducted abishekam (sacred bath) to the Lord and carried on his worship. After many years, his curse was absolved. He was freed from his swan form and he commenced his duty of creation. The traditional festival, the Lord’s appearing before Brahma, is celebrated every year on the Maasi Maham day.
Annihilation of Ampara and Aampara:
Ampara and Aampara were born to Sage Durvasa and Madalola, a heavenly maid. Because of the power they got through their boon, they were worrying the world. The Lord directed Shakti to see Kali, who came as a maid. Both Ampara and Aampara took her to be an ordinary maid and quarreled with each other to have her. The elder fellow died and the younger one was killed by Kali. The place where Kali killed Ampara is Ampakarathur. To be liberated from the sin of killing. Kali worshipped the Lord at Thirumaakaalam and got his blessings.
Extermination of Samkaaraseelan:
Samkaaraseelan was a demon. Being afraid of this demon, the devas, according to the direction of Lord Brahma, occupied this holy place. To protect the devas, the Lord sent Kaala Bhairava to kill the demon and thus shielded the devas.
Benediction of Vimalan:
Vimalan a Brahmin went on pilgrimage came to this place and worshipped the Lord for many years. The Lord, for his sake, brought the Ganges of Kasi and granted many boons to him.
Absolving off Manmatha’s curse:
Sage Viswamithra had cursed Manmatha that his arrows should become powerless. Manmatha got relief from this curse by conducting worship in this sacred place.
Nandaraja’s release of Brahmahatti sin:
King Nandakoopan shot with his arrow towards sage wearing tiger’s skin, thinking him to be a tiger and killed the sage. For this reason, he incurred Brahmahatti sin and got released from it by worshipping the Lord here. He also consecrated the temple and happily conducted many festivals.
Kochengata Chola Nayanar:
In his previous birth he worshipped Jambukeswarar at Tiruvanaikkaa, as a spider living under the white plum tree. Because of this great fortune, he was born as King Kochengata Cholan and built seventy small temples that could not be climbed by elephants. He is one of the sixty three Nayanmars. This is the temple built by him. It must be noted that Jambukeswarar sanctum is also here in this temple.
Shiva is said to have appeared here in the fiery Bhairava form, Sattainathar, for the sake of Indra, hence the name Indrapuri.

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