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Erumbeeswarar Temple, Thiruverumbur – Legends

Erumbeeswarar Temple, Thiruverumbur – Legends
Devas, an elite community in the celestial world lost all their wealth and position to demon Tarakasuran. They approached Lord Brahmma for remedy. He advised them to worship Lord Shiva in this place with flowers and assured them that the demon would be killed by him. To escape the attention of the demon, Devas took the form of ants (Erumbu in Tamil) to worship Shiva.  As the Linga was too soft and slippery and steep, they could not reach the top of the Linga.  All merciful Lord changed his form as an ant-hill also leaning slightly to facilitate their pujas to him.  Lord came to their rescue, destroyed the demon. He is praised as Erumbeeswarar.
Shiva Shakthi Form:
Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy. There is gap in the middle of the Linga as if it is twin Linga. This is explained as Shiva-Shakti form.  As ants go in line in the sanctum sanctorum during pujas, it is said that Lord, in the form of ants, accepted the pujas offered to him.
People worshipped Erumbeeswarar:
·        Lord Muruga
·        Brahman
·        Rathi
·        Indra
·        Agni
·        Agasthyar
·        Naimisa Munivar
·        Kattangazhi Swamiji
Rathi praying to Erumbeeswarar:
It is believed that Rathi, wife of Manmadan, the lord of love (Cupid) prayed to Erumbeeswarar to make her humble and less proud of her beauty.
Fight between Vayu & Adiseshan:
This temple hill is said to be a piece of the legendary Mount Meru. Once Vayu – the Wind God - and the divine serpent Adiseshan had a competition to decide who had greater physical strength. Vayu broke a piece of the holy mountain and it landed in these parts of the world.

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