Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sangameshwarar Temple, Bhavani – Prayers

Sangameshwarar Temple, Bhavani – Prayers
This Temple is famous for doing Naga Dosha Pariharams. Devotees make an idol of the Snake and install it in the Vinayaga Temple situated on the banks of the river Cauvery to get relieved of Doshams. Those who are having Chevvai Dosham, Men should tie a Mangal Sutra to a plantain tree and leave it in the river and Women should perform pujas to Bodhi stick with leaves (Arasamaram) and leave it in the river.
This is the place where rivers Cauvery, Bhavani and Amirtha (invisible) meet. People perform rites here to satisfy their departed elders. The other speciality in Bhavani is, that when dead bodies are burnt, the skulls do not scatter as generally found in yards of other places. Because it said that there are 1008 Shivalingas under the earth. For cure from high fever, people offer rice prepared with pepper and Seeragam to the Lord Jwarahareswarar and get cured.
Besides the above prayer offerings, people also come here for removal obstacles to marriage. There will be heavy crowd here during new moon days and 18th of Adi Tamil month (July-August). Devotees offer pujas to Mother Cauvery with coconut, fruits, flowers, ear rings made of palm leaves, black pearls etc. Also, those who bathe in the confluence spot of Cauvery and Bhavani rivers during the Solar and Lunar Eclipse attain salvation. They offer fine clothing to the Lord and the Goddess.
It is also believed that performing pujas, offering donation for righteous causes ensure the devotee with manifold benefits. The Amirtha Lingeswarar in the temple is placed on a seat called Avudayar according to Saiva principles is a mobile one that can be removed and placed on the seat again. Men and women seeking boons for children take the Shivalinga, perform puja and walk around it for three times and place it back on the Avudayar.