Sunday, July 29, 2018

Madhagu Kaatha Amman Temple, Mahendravadi, Vellore

Madhagu Kaatha Amman Temple, Mahendravadi, Vellore
Madhagu Kaatha Amman Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Sakthi located at Mahendravadi Village in Vellore District of Tamilnadu. The temple, situated on the Mahendravadi lake is very attractive for devotees in and around the villages/town, where many people come and worship the goddess called Madhuvathamman or Madhagu Kaatha Amman (meaning the goddess who takes care of the lake and reservoir gate). People believes that this goddess is very powerful, and there is a grand festival yearly once for the goddess.

This festival has been celebrated for two days, and during this period, all family members join together to pray to the goddess for their health and wealth. Recent past 5 years this festival has been celebrated for 4 days. The notable things to observe here is, the first right to worship the god (offering garland and Pongal) is to scheduled caste when the god comes from her temple of lake crest to village entrance that means decoration and urchava Veedhi Ula. This is great example to extend of respecting scheduled caste is first in place.

The harmony and being together is integral part of the village culture irrespective of caste system. Newly Married couple offer their Mangal Sutra (Thali) to the goddess and tie the new Mangal Sutra. This happens invariably in all newly married couple. it is a must visit festival to see the offering given to goddess. Every Ammavasai (Dark moon day), full night festive happens at temple and thousands of devotees come and spend their entire night.

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