Saturday, July 28, 2018

Akashapureeswarar Temple, Kaduveli – Legends

Akashapureeswarar Temple, Kaduveli – Legends
Birthplace of Kaduveli Siddhar:
This is the sacred soil that gave birth to Kaduveli Siddhar. Kaduveli means open space. He taught people wisdom he learnt. He performed penance for darshan of Lord Shiva. Lord appeared before him and gifted skills in Siddhis – an art of 8 branches known as Ashtama Siddhis.
Of the elements covering the earth – Akash space, Vayu-wind, Agni-fire, Appu-water and Prithvi-Earth, this temple is dedicated to Akash, hence the Lord is known as Akashapureeswarar.
The temple was built by a Chola king. The king named the place after the Siddha – Kaduveli.
Nandhi, Situated outside the Temple Tower:
When Lord Shiva gave dharshan to the Siddhar, Nandhi Devar stood outside the temple and so Nandhi is now present outside the Nandhi mandapam.
Pooradam Nakshathra Sthalam:
The belief is that this temple is engulfed with the brilliant energy in the form of light from space of Poorada Nakshathra. Since Kaduveli means open space, and the open space begins at the edge of the cosmic rays Kaduveli where the temple exists is believed to be the edge of cosmic space. Lord Shiva created a magnificent light at Kaduveli to reveal his existence at the Kaduveli Temple in the form of space. The Poorada Nakshathra remain serving Lord Akashapureeswarar. It is believed that entire deities residing in space and Lord Vastu worship Lord Akashapureeswarar on Poorada Nakshathra days.