Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sundararaja Perumal Temple, Sitharkadu – Legends

Sundararaja Perumal Temple, Sitharkadu – Legends
Lord Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi gave darshan to Lord Brahma:
In the olden days, this village was in the form of a forest with a lot of Sowgandhika flower plants. Hence, it was called as Sowgandhika Puram. Lord Brahma liked this beautiful forest much and started his penance towards Vishnu in this site. Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi gave darshan to Brahma. Brahma became excited and called them as Sundararaja and Sundaravalli as they appeared to him extremely beautiful. (The word 'Sundara' means beautiful).
It is believed that the village was originally called as Tirumandram or Harisaranalaya Nallur. Tirumandram has become Tirumanam nowadays. 
Tirumazhisai Alwar:
It is believed to be the site where Tirumazhisai Alwar performed penance towards Lord Vishnu.
Garudakkodi Siddhar:
The sculpture of Garudakkodi Siddhar found in a pillar in the mandapam of Andal shrine. It is believed that this Siddha lived in this village and was a great devotee of Garuda. It is believed that a prayer to this Garudakkodi Siddhar will cure all eye related problems. There are instances of complete cure for even chronic diseases without operation/surgery.
Siddhar Kaadu:
Since the place featured Siddhas who prayed and performed penance, the town, which was once dense in vegetation, came to be called Siddhar Kaadu, which means forests of the Siddhas. Later, the name became Chithukadu.