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Mahudeshwarar Temple, Kodumudi – Legends

Mahudeshwarar Temple, Kodumudi – Legends
According to the legend there was a competition between Adhiseshan (the serpent on whom Mahavishnu rests) and Vayu (Lord of the Winds) to determine who is stronger. Lord Indiran prescribed certain rules to conduct the competition. They put Mount Meru at the centre and it was held tightly by Adhiseshan, Vayu blew the wind with all his might to push Adhiseshan. In the ensuing struggle, Meru’s peak (Magudam) split into 5 pieces and fell in five different places.
It is believed that the pieces came down as 5 different gem stones – Red Corel at Thiruvannamalai, Ruby (Manickam) at Rathinagiri (Thiruvatpokki), Emerald (Maragatham) at Engoimalai, Sapphire (Neelam) at Pothigaimalai and Diamond at Kodumudi. As per legend the Diamond that feel at Kodumudi became the Swayambulinga (self-manifested lingam) and the rest of the stones became hills. Since the origin of the lingam is from the Meru, the lord is called Magudeswarar.  
Kaviri Kanda Vinayagar:
This is the place where river Cauvery was relieved of the curse of Sage Agasthiar (he had captured her in a Kamandalam). Vinayagar, at the behest of Lord Shiva, took the form of a white crow and dropped down the Kamandalam here liberating the Cauvery to continue her flow. Surprisingly, in support of this legend, the river Cauvery which flows southwards till here takes an exact 90-degree East turn here.  The Vinayagar here in the inner pariharam of Shiva shrine is named as Kaviri Kanda Vinayagar. It seems there is a rock in the middle of the river here that has the rock cut image of this legend.
Hand Prints on Lingam:
The legend of this temple is connected to the sage Agastya. Once the sage noticed that the idol was disappearing. he caught the idol in his hand and the part in his hand remained to be seen. Also, Agasthiar got the marriage Dharshan of Lord Shiva here.
It is also said that one of the Pandya Prince’s fingers were not growing enough. The King prayed to this Lord after taking a dip in the river and soon his son’s fingers grew to normal size. To show his gratitude, the King constructed the three main towers (Gopurams) and renovated this temple. Because of the association with Pandya kingdom, this place is also called Pandikkodumudi.
Bharadhwaja got Dharshan of Lord Shiva’s Dance:
Bharadhwaja got the Dharshan of Lord Shiva’s dance here and there is also a Bharadhwaja Theertham inside the Temple.
Naga Dosha Parihara Sthalam:
This is a place for Naga worship. Majority of the devotees come here seeking relief from adverse effects of serpent planets.
Lord Brahma & Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Brahma (in the form of Vanni Tree) and Vishnu who are enshrined here, are said to have worshipped Shiva (Magudeswarar).
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Lord Shiva was worshipped by Garudan and Pandu here.