Saturday, July 28, 2018

Pralayanathar Temple, Sholavandan – The Temple

Pralayanathar Temple, Sholavandan – The Temple
The Temple is an old temple facing east nicely renovated and the campus is very cleanly maintained. Presiding Deity is called as Pralayanathar and is facing east. The Lingam is Bana lingam. There is an Idol for Pushpakesi Amman near the Lord. Narthana Vinayagar, Guru Dakshinamurthy, Trimurthy, Brahma and Durga are the Koshta Idols located around the sanctum walls.

Chandikeswara is found in his usual location. Lord Dakshinamurthy blesses devotees from the Goshta wall facing south right of Lord’s shrine. Mother is called as Soundara Nayaki / Pralaya Nayaki and she is facing east. Icha, Kriya and Gyana Sakthi are the Koshta Idols located around Amman Shrine. Shrines of Lord and Mother are situated adjacent to each other with individual Nandhis before them.

Behind Lord’s shrine are Lords Valampuri Vinayaka, Muruga with his consorts Valli and Deivanai, Hanuman and Mother Mahalakshmi on the right side and Mother Vishnu Durga on the left. Shrines for Navagrahas the nine planets and Lord Bhairava are before the sanctum sanctorum. Vinayaka is praised as Lord Bala Vinayaka.  

Lord Muruga is the special deity of the temple. During the six-day Skanda Sashti festival, special pujas and abishekams are offered. On the 7th day, they prepare curd rice with 40 measures of rice and celebrate ‘Tiru Pavadai Dharisanam”.  Lord Bhairava enjoys his own importance. People use to break the nuts of the Vilwa tree, make cups and light lamps, known as Vilwa Deepa. This prayer brings them success in litigations if their case is just and fair.

Devotees apply butter on Anjaneya behind the sanctum sanctorum and take the butter as Prasad and consume it then for cure from prolonged illness. There are shrines for Veppamara Siddhar, Saneeswaralingam and Kasi Lingam in the Temple premises. Theertham associated with this Temple is Vaigai river and Sthala Vriksham is Vilwa Tree.