Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nergunapattu Shiva Temple, Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram

Nergunapattu Shiva Temple, Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram
There is a lone Siva Lingam and Nandhi on the top of a hillock, called "Avvayar Malai". It is also called "Sanniyasi Malai". The Siva Lingam which was in the open was now sheltered by a roof. Pooja is performed daily once. There was no Amman Statue or Shrine nearby.

The hillock is surrounded by four hills. There is a sunai nearby and the water of that sunai is used for Abhishekam. People from nearby villages throng the temple on auspicious days to perform Girivalam. There is no particular sacred tree for the temple but people here reverentially show a neem tree nearby as the sacred tree. Siddhars believed to exist here.

Nergunapattu Shiva Temple,
Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram District
Mobile: +91 – 9789461356 / 9551228973 / 9566722304
Nergunapattu village is connected by buses from Chennai and Kalpakkam. Share auto is also available from Kalpakkam. It is located exactly half way between Chennai and Pondicherry in the ECR (76 kms from either side).

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