Friday, June 3, 2016

Alagirinatha Swamy Temple, Salem – History

Alagirinatha Swamy Temple, Salem – History
Arulmighu Alagirinatha Swamy Temple, kottai in Salem is an ancient temple. It is believed to be having had 5 Praharams including the present collector’s office. It was called as Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple. As proof for this, we can find a pillar with mandapam bearing Krishna image is there.
Due to foreign and Mohammadan invasion, the temple reached its current state. It is surrounded by compound walls on four sides and its location is just west to the river bank of Manimutharu River. The area of the temple is about one acre of land.
When and who’s period the temple came to existence is not known. We can come to know that the temple was first renovated by the nayakkars regime. The monuments and inscriptions inside the temple walls show that the temple was renovated by the nayakkars.

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