Friday, June 3, 2016

Alagirinatha Swamy Temple, Salem – Legends

Alagirinatha Swamy Temple, Salem – Legends
The history begins with the visit of Sage Brugu to Vaikunta when Lord was in talk with Mother Mahalakshmi.  Lord pretended as if he did not notice the visit of the sage. Angry Muni dared to hit the Lord for his indifference. Noticing this, Mother left the place in anger. To teach a lesson to the sage, Lord removed the wisdom eye on his feet making him powerless. 
Sage, realizing his folly, sought the pardon of Lord. The sage was advised to get the pardon from Mother first. The sage came to this place and performed penance on Mother Mahalakshmi. He found one day a pretty child sitting alone and crying. He took the child, named her Sundaravalli and brought her up. 
When she attained the marriageable age, the sage found that Lord Narayana alone was a deserving match for Sundaravalli and prayed to him. Lord came as Azhagirinathar and married Sundaravalli.  Sage came to know that the child he brought up was but Mother Mahalakshmi and sought her pardon. Lord Azhagirinathar and Mother Sundaravalli pardoned the rishi. They stayed here itself as wished by Sage Brugu.

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