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Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem – Legends

Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem – Legends
Muni Shuka worshipping Shiva in the form of parrot due to Brahma Curse:
The Sthala Puranam was told by Nandhi devar to Sanatha Munivar, which has 672 songs. Once, Brahma was sitting on the lotus among the Devars, Munis, Asuras and 4 Vedas in the form of pasus. Everybody appreciated the unique creation power of Brahma. After hearing all these happenings the Muni Sugar, (The voice of the muni is similar to that of Parrot’s voice) who is a Lord Shiva devotee, went and told everything to Devi Saraswathi. This muni was born to Muni Vyasar and Thilothamai, who has a Parrot face.
When Brahma known this he cursed the Muni Shuka to become a Parrot (King of Parrot) and the curse will disappear at Salem after worshipping Lord Shiva. While Muni Shuka worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of parrot, a hunter Vachirakanthan killed Shuka along with other parrots, who tried to save Lord Shiva statue. The weapon also hits Shiva statue and blood was oozing from the lingam.
On seeing this hunter also killed himself. Lord Shiva appeared and blessed the parrots and the hunter. Muni Shuka also got the original appearance.  To show this there is Urchavar and Moolavar of Muni Shuka with Parrot face is installed in the temple. The temple and the place is known as Sukha Vanam as Suka Rishi worshipped the Shivalingam.
Bheema’s Visit:
Legend has it that the temple was one among the five temples visited by Bheema, the second of the Pandava Brothers. 
Redemption of Sins:
The place is believed to have offered redemption to Devas for their various sins and so it is known as Papanasam
The place is known as Patteeswaram as Kamadhenu worshiped the Shivalingam.
The place is also known as Nageshwaram as Adi Shesha worshipped here.

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