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Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem - Festivals

Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem - Festivals
10 day Vaikasi (May-June) festival, Tirukarthikai in November-December, Chithirai festival in April-May, Panniru Thirumurai, in October-November and Ammai Appar festival in September-October are the festivals celebrated in the Temple.
Every month, Kruthikai and Poora Nakshtra full moon day special poojas and abhishegam will be done for Amman. Sangadahara sathurthi celebrated with special abhishegam aarathanaikal for Vinayagar will be conducted.
On the day of Vinayagar sathurthi, special abhishegam will be done for 33 Vinayagar Moorthigal inside the Temple, fifth day Thirukalyanam and Thiruvithiula for Vallpai Ganapathy will be conducted.
In the month of Aani, abhishegam and purapadu for Nadarajar will be conducted.
Aadi Pooram festival is celebrated for 7 days for Amman in this month and Mukthi and Kilivalanathar festival are also celebrated.
Navarathri Vizha will be celebrated for 10 days in this month. Every day Ammayar will be shown in Golu.
Kanthasashti and Soora Samharam will be celebrated during this month. Kanthasashti will be celebrated for 6 days.
On the day of Kruthikai during this month Deepa festivals are celebrated.
During this month, Thirupallieluchi pooja procession will be conducted every day. Thiruvathirai Utchavam will be celebrated for 10 days. The first seven days Angurarppana Utchavam, 9th day Thirukkalyanam, Thiruvithiula will be conducted. During this month abhishegam and purapadu for Nadarajar will be conducted.
Thai Poosam and Pongal festivals are celebrated in this month. On the day of Maattu Pongal, special pooja for "Nandhi" and Special decoration for Mummoorthigal will be done.

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