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Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Theerthams

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Theerthams
Tiruchengode, one of the most important religious places in South India, is said to have 108 Theerthangal (or holy ponds). Of these, few are available now and these Theerthams are famous to bestow certain boons like curing diseases, birth of children to childless young mothers and wealth and prosperity to those who take a holy dip in these ponds. Thus, Tiruchengode has gained importance not only by its deities but also by the medicinal properties of the holy ponds (Theerthams) found here.
Of these, the Ammayappar Theertham is the most important one as it is found at the feet of Lord Ardhanareeswara. This spring of fresh water came into existence by God's grace and the power of Rishis and Siddhars. 
Some of the Theerthams are listed below;
·        Ganapathy Theertham
·        Siva Theertham
·        Sakthi Theertham
·        Deva Theertham
·        Kumara Theertham
·        Ammayappar Theertham
·        Papanasa Theertham
·        Bairava Theertham
·        Naaga Theertham
·        Shanmuga Theertham
·        Soorya Theertham
·        Siddhar Mooligai Theertham
·        Kanniyar Theertham
·        Chandra Pushkarani Theertham

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