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Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Inscriptions

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Inscriptions
Inscriptions on Rocks:
The rock cut inscription to the east of the Sixty-Steps: In 916A.D. during the rule of Rajaraja Cholan, the son of Aranakkan had donated gold coins for feeding Brahmins on behalf of Manikandi Odayamanthal of Erode.
Another inscription found in the mandapam in front of Sri Sengottuvelavar Sannadhi. This inscription was made in the period of Krishnadevaraya. The administrative officer of the Chola Mandalam by name Triambaka Udayar dedicated the income from the traders of the periodical market for conducting the festival of Lord Ardhanareeswara.
Copper Plate Inscriptions:
In 1599AD,   Athappa Kangayan constructed some stone steps leading to the hilltop. During the period the four car streets were planned and came into use. In 1599AD, Athappa Nallathambi Kangeyan constructed the mandapam in front of Lord Sengottuvelavar Sannadhi, the Nritta Mandapam and the Chitra Mandapam and its pillars.
In 1619, Immudi Nallathambi Kangeyan constructed the Mandapam in front of Lord Ardhanareeswara Sannadhi and extended the Mandapam in front of Lord Sengottuvelavar. In 1512, during the region of Krishna Devaraya the practice of celebrating Dwajaroghanam and floating festival started.
During the period of Sadasiva Maharaayar, the basic structure of Rajagopuram of the temple on the hilltop was built. In 1522 A.D, Triambaka Udayar completed the construction of Rajagopuram of the hill temple. In 1699 AD, the annual temple festival was celebrated with the big chariot for Lord Ardhanareeswara made by Nagamalai Gounder.
Molasi Velappa Gounder constructed the Annai Mandapam in front of Lord Ardhanareeswara Sannadhi. In 1628 A.D Kondapoopathi who ruled kongu nadu donated two small chariots. The chariots were almost there for 374 years. In 1628 A.D Chennaraja Chikendrar made a chariot for Lord Sengottuvelavar which is 303 years old.  In the same year Nagamalai Gounder made a big chariot for Lord Ardhanareeswara and celebrated the festival in a grand way.

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