Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Mandapams

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode – Mandapams
Lot of Mandapams can be seen all along the way when devotees climb towards the Hill Temple through footsteps. The first view is of the Sengunthar Mudaliyar Mandapam then follows the Kalathi Swamigal Mandapam, Thirumudiyar Mandapam and Thyli Mandapam. The mandapams are the shady places built by the devotees of the god to provide shelter for those who climb over the mountain to see Lord Ardhanareeswara. They are;
·        Sengunthar Chinna Mudaliyar Mandapam
·        Kaalathi Swamigal Mandapam 
·        Thirumudiyar Mandapam 
·        Thailee Mandapam 
·        Sengunthar Chinna Mudaliyar Mandapam 
·        Kodi Archanai Mandapam 
·        Singhathoon Mandapam 
·        Arupadhampadi Nadar Mandapam 
·        Chetti Gounder Mandapam 
·        Thevaradiyar Mandapam 
·        Ilaippatri Mandapam 
·        Goupra Vayil Mandapam
Following Mandapams can be seen inside the hill temple premises;
·        Nritta Mandapam or Sabha Mandapam
·        Vilaasa Mandapam
·        Gughai Mandapam

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