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Siva Subramania Swamy Temple, Gurusamy Palayam, Namakkal

Siva Subramania Swamy Temple, Gurusamy Palayam, Namakkal
Siva Subramania Swamy Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Murugan located at Gurusamy Palayam in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu. This temple was worshipped by Veerabagu who is the commander of lord Muruga. The devotee has the advantage of worshipping two presiding deities in the temple – Lords Balasubramania and Dhandayuthapani.  This temple is situated in a place called Gurusamy Palayam which is 10 kms away from Rasipuram on the way to Tiruchengode.

Veerabagu, the Chief of the Army of Lord Muruga worshipped his Lord in this place with an idol. Pleased with his devotion, Lord granted darshan to him.  Succeeding generations of Veerabagu built a temple here for Lord Muruga and began the regular worship, goes the Sthala Purana.
The Temple
The temple has the reputation of two presiding deities – Lords Sivasubramania and Baladhandayuthapani with his consorts Valli and Deivanai. There are shrines in the temple for Lords Ekambareswarar, Vallaba Ganapathi, Mother Durga and planet Sani Bhagwan.
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Panguni Uthiram in March-April; Aadi Kruthikai in July-August; Vaikasi Visakam in May-June; Masi Magam in February-March; Chitra Poornima in April-May and Tirukarthikai Deepam in November-December are the festivals celebrated in the temple. Lord Muruga’s wedding festival is grandly celebrated during the Panguni Uthiram event.  
The devotee would be relieved of the adverse aspect and dosha caused by planet Mars, if he/she worships Lord Siva Subramania for nine Fridays or nine Tuesdays lighting ghee lamps in the shrine.  Their wedding proposals would be successful soon.  They will also be cured of all stomach related health problems, believe the devotees.
Devotees prepare garlands and offer it to Lord seeking early wedding boon.  Offering Pongal nivedhana and undertaking Annadhana bless the devotee with abundant farm yields. Devotees prepare Pongal-pudding in the temple for nivedhana to Lord and also undertake feeding-Annadhana.
In some temples like Thirumanancheri, people who are unmarried offer a garland to lord Siva and wear a garland as a ritual to get married. Like this ritual, in a Murugan temple, during Tamil month of Panguni, on Uthiram star. Thirukalyana Vaibhavam is conducted and devotees prepare garland by themselves for lord Muruga to get married.
Devotees offer ghee lamps for 9 Tuesdays or 9 Fridays for getting relief from Sevvai dosham. People also pray for stomach related problems and offer Pongal and food after fulfillment of wishes and a good harvest.
Gurusamy Palayam is about 10 km far from Rasipuram on the Thiruchengodu road in Namakkal district. Nearest Railway Station is located at Salem and Karur. Nearest Airport is located Coimbatore.

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