Friday, September 9, 2016

Pyramid Shape Temple Towers, Agrahara Mettupatty

Pyramid Shape Temple Towers, Agrahara Mettupatty, Namakkal
Agrahara Mettupatty has a Lord Siva Temple (Sri Sivakama Sundari Udanurai, Sri Chidambareshwarar Aalayam) and Kothanda Perumal temple. It has been a significant importance to this village as it is constructed in the shape of Pyramids (Egyptian pyramids). The Mettupatty Zamindars, who ruled the entire eight villages, including Agrahara Mettupatty, had constructed this Pyramid-shaped temple 300 years before.
The temple towers are also in the shape of Pyramids (Egyptian pyramids) and you will never see these kinds of temple towers anywhere in Tamilnadu. There is a Pradhosha Pooja every 15 days in the month. All the people’s from surrounding areas, including local politicians, used to come and attend the Pradhosha pooja.
A.Mettupatty (Agrahara Mettupatty) is a small Village near Valayapatty in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu. It is situated 15 km south of Namakkal and 2 km south of Valayapatty Panchayat. It is located at the bank of Karaipottan River.

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