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Agnipureeswarar Temple, Thirupugalur – Legends

Agnipureeswarar Temple, Thirupugalur – Legends
Lord Agni worshipped Shiva here:
As per Hindu legend and the Sthalapuranam, Shiva was worshipped by Agni, the fire god at this place and the presiding deity came to be known as Agnipureeswarar and the temple tank is called Agni theertham.
Mother Bhudevi worshipped Shiva here:
As per another legend, Bhudevi, the consort of Vishnu wanted to install a Linga and worship Shiva. Shiva was pleased with the devotion of Bhudevi and appeared in his dancing form in front of her.
Shiva turning bricks into Gold:
It is also believed to be the place where Shiva turned bricks into gold for the Nayanar Sundarar.
Shiva appearing before Banasura Mother:
Banasura belongs to the demon community.  His mother was Madhiniar. She was a staunch Lord Shiva devotee. To facilitate his mother’s Shiva puja, Banasura was bringing many swayambu Lingas. He once came to Thirupugalur and found countless Lingas.  He found a Swayambulinga but could not move it.  He dug a deep and vast Agazhi around the temple and tried to move the Linga again but in vain, except that the Agazhi was full of water springing from the ground. 
He decided to end himself in frustration. A voice from the sky told Banasura, “I will make myself present for your mother’s Shiva puja”. Lord in the name of Konapiran with Punnai flowers on his head, appeared before his mother. After the puja was over, Lord returned to Thirupugalur.
Vasthu Parihara Sthalam:
From ancient days, there is a belief prevailing in South India, by a pilgrimage to Thirupugalur (Arulmighu Agneeswarar Sametha Karundhar Kuzhali Amman Thirukoil) temple in Nagapattinam (Nagai) district of Tamil Nadu, all the Vasthu errors can be rectified and can bring peace to one’s home/office.

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