Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kuthiravetti, Manjolai Hills

Kuthiravetti, Manjolai Hills
Kuthiravetti is located at about 8 Kms from Nalumukku. There are three dams that can be viewed from this place. Manimuthar, Karaiyar Dams and Servalar Dam can be seen from this place. The Peak is very windy. The valley below the peak is dense forest. Beyond the mountains are Kakkachi and Manjolai. There is a watch tower on the peak. The road to the place is adventurous as the road is narrow and there are dense forests.

The landscape is scenic and misty during the monsoons. This beautiful view point is located after the Nalumukku and Oothu Estate. From this view point one can view the lush green forests of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger reserve. Sunset at the point provides a beautiful view of the valley. The guesthouse of the Travancore Royal Family is located here and is called "Muthukuzhi Vayual." Best time to visit this place is from January to May and August to October.

There was an interesting story behind the name Kuthiravetti. The Villagers told that earlier in kings age; they had horse training camp at this place. Hence it is called as Kutheraikatti (Making/Living Horse in English). After some incidents the horse were killed by opponents for some reasons from then on Kutheraikatti (Making/Living Horse in English) was become called as Kuthiravetti (Killing horse in English). It was nice and interesting story.

Food and Necessary things should be packed up before going. For Stay & driving in private vehicle one must get prior permission from forest official since it is coming under Reserve Forest. If you are using Public Transport no need to get permission. Forest Guest house is available to stay in this place. Regular bus services are available from Manimuthar and Ambasamudram. Kuthiravetti is located at about 8 Kms from Nalumukku, 20 Kms from Manjolai and 42 Kms from Manimuthar.

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