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Angala Parameswari Temple, Putlur – The Temple

Angala Parameswari Temple, Putlur – The Temple
The temple is very small. Presiding Deity is called as Angala Parameswari / Poongavanathu Amman. It has the putru in the form of a sleeping pregnant woman with her mouth opened inside the sanctum. This is probably the only temple where the Goddess has manifest herself in the natural form of an anthill complete with face, eyes, dainty eyebrows, parted lips, hands, legs, and a pregnant belly.

Behind this idol, the stone idols of Shiva (not in the form of Linga) in the form of Lord Nataraja in the name of Thandavarayan, Ganesha and Angala Parameswari are found. As Shiva is found inside the sanctum, instead of Lion, Nandi idol is present in front of the sanctum, which is a rare thing to find in Amman (Goddess) temple.

The main Sannadhi is small, dark and crowded. There is a strong stainless-steel railing affixed all around the goddess so that no one touches and damages the structure. It is difficult to see very clearly through this railing. Just behind the goddess, through a small window like structure, you can see Thandavarayan looking a little sad that he could not quench his wife's thirst in time. The goddess completely covered in turmeric paste looks magnificent.  

The sacred tree Neem is in the outer prakara. A Swayambu anthill, Goddess Karumari, Lord Vinayaka and Navadevathas (serpent deities) are under the tree. Navagrahas also are installed. People who seek childbirth, tie miniature cradles near this anthill or pieces of their saree in anticipation of the fulfilment of their desire. A lot of neem trees are in the temple premises.

One can see that the ancient temple has been modernized over time by laying glazed tiles on the walls and floor. It is also very common for people to stay overnight here on full moon days. A special prayer is conducted at 5 am the next morning for these people who stay awake and pray through the night.

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