Saturday, December 8, 2018

Chennimalai Murugan Temple, Perunthurai – Literary Mention

Chennimalai Murugan Temple, Perunthurai – Literary Mention
The Sthalapuranam of the temple was written in the remote past before many centuries. The original palm leaf inscriptions were published as a book by Sri. Teyvasigamani Gounder after research and conversation with scholars. Arunagirinathar has made references to this temple in his works. The poet saint Saravana Munivar has also written the Sthalapuranam for this temple. Other than these there are many hymns and songs written by Padikkasu Pulavar and others.
Sri Arunagiri Nathar, the famous Tamil Poet, has sung five songs about this temple, in ‘Thirupugazh’ and he received ‘Padikkasu’, wealth of coins from Lord Muruga. The famous ‘Sri Skanda Sasti Kavacham’ was launched by Sri Bala Devaraya Swamigal at this Temple. The Major literary works made on this temple are;
Chennimalai Thala Puranam
Saravana Munivar
Mezhi Vilakkam
Chennimalai Pillai Tamizh
Samynatha Pulavar
Chennimalai Yamaga Vanthathi
Samynatha Pulavar
Chennimalai Andavar Kadal
Anganna Chettiar
Kongu Mandala Sadhagam
Valasundara Kavirayar
Chennimalai Murugan Pulavaratrupadai
V.R. Teyvasigamani
Poondurai Puranam
Kalianna Kavirayar