Friday, December 14, 2018

Tirusoolanathar Temple, Tirusulam – Legends

Tirusoolanathar Temple, Tirusulam – Legends
According to the legend, originally, Lord Brahma was 5 headed. As Lord Brahma was too proud of himself, Lord Shiva cut one of his heads off to bring down his ego. Later Brahma continued his duty of creation. He prayed Lord Shiva that he couldn’t concentrate on his duty because he was disturbed losing a head. Lord Shiva blessed him and granted peace of mind after which Lord Brahma continued his duties peacefully.
After this incident, as part of his duty, Lord Brahma created one of the most beautiful dancers of Devaloka, called Thilothama. After creating her, Lord Brahma himself fell in lust with her, because of her divine beauty. Lord Brahma went and spoke to her. Thilothama refused to accept him saying that as Brahma himself being her creator, he is in the position of her father and hence she can’t think of involving herself with him.
Knowing this, the Siva Ganas (Lord Shiva’s soldiers) started chasing Lord Brahma, to punish him for the sin he committed. Lord Brahma hid himself, amidst the hills in this place and also realized his sin. To be relieved off the sin, Lord Brahma installed a Shiva Lingam here and started worshipping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with his prayers apologized Lord Brahma as he realized and admitted his sin. As Lord Brahma, the creator worshipped Lord Shiva here; it was called as Brahmapuri originally.
The temple is situated amidst 4 hills surrounding it. In Tamil, the place between the hills is called ‘Churam’ and hence this place was called as ‘Thiru Churam’ which had later become Thirusoolam. It is believed that these 4 hills denote 4 Vedas.
The temple gets its name from Trichuram family which ruled over the region.