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Subramanya Swamy Temple, Sivanmalai – The Temple

Subramanya Swamy Temple, Sivanmalai – The Temple
This Temple located in a hill top at 400 feet above sea level. The Temple can be reached by 450 footsteps or by 2 Kms hill road. The whole hill temple is built with stone comprising a Rajagopuram, Deepasthamba, flag post, front Mandapam, prakara, sanctum sanctorum for the presiding deity and is under the control of the Hindu Religious and Charities department. Lord Vinayaka has his place between two trees Arasu and Vembu before Rajagopuram Mandapam and Deepa Stambha. Flag post and Balipeedam can be found facing the sanctum.

Presiding Deity is called as Vennieeswarar / Nanjundeeswarar. Lord is Swayambu Moorthy and he is housed in the sanctum. Mother is called as Parvatha Vardhini / Loganayaki. There are beautiful sculptures and pillars in the temple. There are also musical pillars. The sculpture showing the legend of Avinashi where Sundarar made the crocodile to spit the boy it ate is very realistic. Also, the elephant sculptures at the entrance are notable ones.

Though the presiding deity is Lord Shiva, the temple is famous for its Lord Murugan Shrine. He is called as Subramanya Swamy. He is flanked by his consorts Valli and Deivanai. He is present with four hands and a single face sitting on peacock. Generally, the first pooja will be done to Vinayagar but here, the first pooja is done to Lord Murugan and it is considered that Vinayagar himself worships Lord Murugan here. Butter and curd are offered to God here. Utsavar is Subramaniar with Valli and Deivayanai.

If the peacock of Lord Murugan has its head towards North and its tail towards South, it is considered as Celestial peacock and the vice versa is called demon peacock. Here the peacock is present in the form of Celestial peacock. There is a Kailasanathar-Gnanambigai shrine in the Southern corridor which is considered as the most ancient of this temple. There is a shrine for Jwarahareswarar on top of the hill. People worship here to get relief from fevers.

Navagrahas are installed in the Shrine of Lord Subramania as per Agama rules. Sani Baghwan is facing east in this temple. Planets are placed in serial order – Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. The significance is that Saturn and Mars are together unlike in other temples. It is believed that worshipping the Navagrahas-9 planets in this single temple is equal to worshipping them in some temples especially attributed to them. All Navagrahas are facing the Sun God. This posture is considered as the one free from “Navagraha Vakrams”.

There is a place with 18 steps called” Pathinettampadi or Sathya Padi” which was used as a court to solve disputes. This is also called Purana Padi. It is believed that Sadaichi Amman is residing on this step to watch the trials and justice rendered. An Artha Meru, a Yantra is also installed here with the footsteps of Mother Valli Amman. It is believed that the very climbing on the steps is penance by itself.

There are shrines for Lord Hanuman, Kanni Moola Ganapathi and Dandapani in the temple premises. There is a place called Valliarachalai where Valli stayed, meditated and performed her duties. It is believed that noted Sage Sivavakyar still lives in the cave in the inner prakara of the temple. There is a depiction showing the sage in a sitting posture while Lord Subramania with Mother Valli is gracing him. There is a perennial Deepa burning in this cave.

The benefits of worshipping Sun God at Surya Narayana Temple and worshipping planet Saturn – Sani Baghwan in Thirunallaru are available to the devotees in this temple itself. It is considered that there are Ashta (8) Durgas around the temple in 8 directions. They are Alampadi Vanasatchi (Kattammai), Pappini Angala Parameswari, Kangayam Aayi Amman, Valuppur Amman, Thangamman, Adhanur Amman, Kariya Kaliyamman and Selva Nayagi Amman.

Theerthams associated with this Temple are Kasi Theertham, Hanuman Theertham, Agasthya Theertham, Indira Theertham, Mangala Theertham, Veera Theertham, Shakthi Theertham and Brahmananda Theertham. Sthala Vriksham is Thoratti Tree (Two trees embracing each other).

Andavar Utharavu Petti:
There is a box in the temple known as Andavar Utharavu Petti – box containing the directions of Lord and the action people have to take. He also gives the reasons – Karanam in Tamil, hence he is praised as Karana Murthy. There is a unique custom being followed here wherein an object will be kept in an exclusive place as per divine order which has an attached significance. The Sivanmalai Andavar will come in the dream of any devotee asking him to place a specific object in the temple. This will be informed to the temple and divine approval will be sought. If approved, the object will be kept there till the next order.

Cycle, Gun, Pen/Pencil, Gold coin, Sand, Water etc., are some of the objects that were kept in the past. It is said that when water was kept tsunami disaster came; when cycle was kept, the two-wheeler boom came and the habit of cycling almost vanished; etc., When iron Chain was kept and it was said that it signifies imprisonment. It is interpreted that Lord Muruga has indicated the outcome and that recent SC verdict of conviction in Jayalalitha case and imprisonment to Sasikala is a pointer. They believe that God indicates the things Good or Bad that would happen well in advance.