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Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal Temple, Nallur, Thiruvannamalai

Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal Temple, Nallur, Thiruvannamalai
Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu located at Nallur Village in Thiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal and Mother is called as Sundaravalli. Sthala Vriksham is Vilwa Tree. This place is called as Sundara Varadaraja Puram in olden days.

Once upon a time a few Brahmins who had gone on pilgrimage stayed in this holy place. They set up the Perumal icon they had brought and performed worship. The next day when they resumed their journey, they could not lift the statue from that place. Lord Vishnu appeared before them and said that He wished to stay in that place. The happy Brahmins erected a temple for him. Later, that temple became dilapidated and a new temple was erected. The Lord looks handsome and beautiful; so he is called ‘Sundara Varadarajar’.
The Temple
The Prime Deity of the old temple is in the separate sanctum. He receives the first pooja during the festivals and pooja time. His icon is sculpted wonderfully in a single stone. He appears with the ‘prayoga chakram’, ‘valampuri chanku’ and with a staff in the lower left arm. Lord Anjaneya sits with bent knee in the Lord’s peetam surrounded by the rishis in tapasya – this is a significant feature. On the dome are seen the gandharvas.
Generally, Garudaalvaar is seen in the Perumal temples, opposite to the Lord in the worshipping posture. Rarely is he seen near the Lord in a few holy places like Srivilliputtur.  But, in this temple Garudaalvaar is seen in the posture of worshipping the Lord’s feet. He is seen kneeling and worshipping the feet of Sundaravaradarajar and the Lord above him blesses him with his right arm – this looks quite distinct.  
Another Garudaalvaar stands in the worshipping posture opposite to the prime sanctum.  Both his wings are spread as though he is about to take his flight. His left leg is bent and with his right leg erect, he seems to be ready for service of the Lord when he calls him. It is believed that he brings remedy to the devotees by recommending their causes to the Lord – hence he is called “Recommending Garudaalvaar”. 
The devotees believe that Garuda is their true messenger to Lord representing their grievances to him, hence praised as Parinduraikkum Garudazhwar – Recommending to Lord. Sridevi and Bhudevi Thaayars are near the Lord. The Prime Thaayar Sundaravalli is in separate sanctum.  
The Bael Tree considered as desirable to Lord Siva, is the sacred tree of this place. Many yaagas had been performed here several thousand years ago. The ‘yaagasaalai sthupi’ is near the temple.  In the prakara, Lord Anjaneya is in separate sanctum facing north with the Sanjeevi Parvatha in his hand, in the posture of about to start.
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January, Navarathri in September-October, Azhwars’ birth star pujas, all Saturdays in September-October (Purattasi month) and Garuda Seva on Vaikasi Visakam day (May-June) are the festivals very grandly celebrated in the temple.
Those who are desirous of issues pray here in large numbers. The offerings include donning the Lord and Thaayar with new clothes, performing special poojas and also donating to the temple renovation.
Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal,
Nallur, Thiruvannamalai District
Phone: +91 44 4211 3345
Phone: +91 4183 243 157
Mobile: +91 94452 32457
To reach Nallur, we have to go to Vandavasi, 40 Kms from Melmaruvathur and from there travel about 13 Kms in the town buses. There are only limited bus services at the stipulated time from Vandavasi; so it is better to hire a taxi and travel. Nearest Railway Station is located at Melmaruvathur and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.

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