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Kailasanathar Temple, Tharamangalam - Legends

Kailasanathar Temple, Tharamangalam - Legends
Katti Mudali dream on Swayambu Linga:
One Katti Mudali was ruling Amarakundhi in Tarukavana region.  He came to know that the one of the cows grazing in the place was pouring its milk at a particular place every day. He went to the place and found that the message was true. Shiva appeared in Katti Mudali’s dream and told him that he is below the earth with a treasure for which cow poured her milk.
He was excited to know that Lord Shiva was in the place.  He prayed and performed pujas there.  Katti Mudali excavated the Shiva lingam and constructed this temple using the treasure. Many years later, Vanagamudi the king of Makuda Chudavadi built the temple here, according to local history.
Etymology of this place:
The place is called as Tharamangalam since Vishnu gave his sister to lord Shiva through marriage – thaarai vaarthu koduthal. Hence this place is called as Tharamangalam.  
Chandran & Suryan worshipping Shiva:
Chandran and Suryan worshiped Lord Shiva in the evening hours and they are also called as Thaarakapathy and Thaarakan.
Vali’s wife Thaarakai constructing this Temple:
Vali’s wife Thaarakai constructed this temple and worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple, hence this place is called as Tharamangalam.

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