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Kailasanathar Temple, Tharamangalam - History

Kailasanathar Temple, Tharamangalam - History
The temple belongs to 13th century speaking volumes of the temple architectural skill of Tamilnadu. At Kailasanathar Temple, the parts that existed in the 10th century were reconstructed and extended by Mummudi Gatti Mudaliyar. The process was carried on by Siyazhi Gatti Mudaliyar and completed by Vanagamudi Gatti Mudaliyar.
Several gigantic, pink, carved, polished granite monolithic pillars that were meant for a proposed Thousand Pillar Hall can be seen lying outside the temple. The locals say that many more have been buried in the ground. Before this ambitious project could be completed, Vanagamudi Gatti Mudaliyar was killed in 1667 and the foreground of the temple is mute witness to his unfulfilled dreams.
The story behind the initial developments of this temple is said that King Gatti Mudali’s cows used to travel 4km every day from Amarakulam till Tharamangalam for grazing. They realized that one of the cows was not giving milk. When they had a research on this they found that the cow has been giving milk near a snake pit. And beneath it they found a Shiva Lingam. The same night the king had a dream in which Lord Shiva ordered Gatti Mudhali to build a temple in that place. And that that is how the temple was initiated in the 10th century.
The construction was begun by Gatti Mudhali Mummudi an ambitious builder in 13th century, continued by Siyazhi Gatti Mudaliyar, and was brought near completion by Vanagamudi Gatti Mudaliyar in 17th century.

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