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Anekadhangavadeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Legends

Anekadhangavadeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Legends
Vinayaga marrying Vallabhai:
According to legend, Maharshi Mareeshi, while bathing in a lotus tank, found a female child on the leaves.  He took the child and brought her up.  He named her Vallaba.  She was a staunch Shiva devotee.  She was abducted by demon Kesi.  She prayed to Lord Shiva to come to her rescue. Lord Shiva wanted to send Vinayaka to protect her. Ambica requested Lord to bless Vinayaka with victory in the war against the demon.  Lord said that he would be victorious if he worships him in this land.  Lord Vinayaka followed the advice and installed the Linga. Demon was destroyed and Vallaba rescued. Lord Shiva and Mother performed the wedding of Vinayaka with Vallaba here.
Kubera worshipping Lord Shiva:
Due to his righteous life in his previous birth, Kubera was born the son of Arundaman and became the king Alagapuri.  Shukra, the Guru of demons grew jealous of him and began to create troubles.  Kubera worshipped Lord Shiva seeking protection from Shukra at this temple.  Lord swallowed Shukra and destroyed his pride. There are two Anegathangavadham temples, one in the North and one in the South. This temple is referred as Kachi Anegathangavadham to differentiate it from the northern shrine.
Aanaiyurittaan Vayal:
The fields in the vicinity are known as ‘Aanaiyurittaan Vayal’. This is known as Kachi Anekathangavatham since there is another sacred place known as Anekathangavatham on the slopes of the Himalayas.

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