Thursday, June 1, 2017

Anniyur Agnipureeswarar Temple, Vanniyur – Legends

Anniyur Agnipureeswarar Temple, Vanniyur – Legends
Daksha while performing a yajna intentionally avoided Lord Shiva and invited others to participate in the yajna. Agni is one among those attended the yajna. For attending a yajna to humiliate Lord Shiva, Agni was punished by Bhadrakali and Veerabhadra and had to bear their curse. Agni could not attend any yajna then with his curse. This resulted in the failure of monsoon creating drought. Agni came to this place, worshipped Lord Shiva and got relieved of his curse. As Agni worshipped here, Lord is praised as Agnipureeswarar and the sacred spring Agni Theertham.  
Parihara Sthalam for removing marriage obstacles:
The extreme repentance of Muni Kathyayana and his wife for a kid in this place made Mother Parvathi herself to be born to them. When she developed into an eligible age, the sage implored Shiva that he ought to wed her. Reacting to his supplication to God, Lord Shiva took the hands of Parvathi on the Magam Star day in the month of Chithirai (April-May). Lord married her in Tiruvezhi Mizhalai. Hence, this place is considered as an ideal place of worship for removal of obstacles in marriage matters. The sage additionally asked for the Lord to offer darshan to every one of, all days in the same Wedding Form. The Lord shows up in the sanctum Sanctorum in the Wedding Form. 

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