Saturday, July 7, 2018

Angala Parameswari Temple, Putlur – Prayers

Angala Parameswari Temple, Putlur – Prayers
Devotees pray for child boon, those facing problems in wedding proposals and those having family problems, tear a piece from their sari and tie it in the neem tree. Realizing their wishes, they come to the temple, thank the Goddess with pujas. Majority of the devotees pray for child boon. It is also very common for people to stay overnight here on full moon days. A special prayer is conducted at 5 am the next morning for these people who stay awake and pray through the night.
It is believed that one has to remove all "drishti" (casting of evil eye) before entering the temple. So, these women circle the lemon thrice around your head, and ask you to crush it under your left foot. This is supposed to remove all drishti from you. On entering the temple, there is a trident (Trishul) on which three of the remaining lemon are pressed on.
Majority of the devotees to the temple are women. The temple is filled with turmeric and kumkum smell. Women place a lime fruit at the feet of the Goddess keeping their sari pallu also there with some prayer. If the fruit rolls and falls at the sari piece, it indicates their wish will be fulfilled, it is believed. Devotees will give Thula Baram if their prayers are answered.

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