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Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Thatchambadi, Thiruvannamalai

Mahaveerar Jain Temple, Thatchambadi, Thiruvannamalai
Mahaveerar Jain Temple is located at Thatchambadi Village in Thiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. Thatchambadi village is located in the Polur road at about 9 Kms from Chetpet. This Temple belonged to 16th Century AD and dedicated to Shri Mahaveerar. Shri Mahaveerar granite plate carving with Samavasaran Jinar’s eight features fashion was installed on the Gharbahriha plinth.

The sanctum is covered on the top by a two stage Vimana, first stage contains Standing posture Thirthankar mortar idols with Shamara maids and second got sitting posture idols on four directions. A padmam and Kalasha is also located on the Shikhara the peak. Next chamber, Arthamandapam pavilion is supported by round and square shaped sand-stone pillars, like ancient temple structure.

A daily pooja platform is at the center with metal idol of Shri Mahaveerar is placed. On either side platforms has many metal idols i.e. 24 Thirthankar clusters, 14 Rishbh-Anantha clusters, Shri Vimala Thirthankar having shield shaped prabhai (a different design), some Parshwathirthankars, Shruthaskandam, Navadevatha, Mahameru and some Yaksh, Yakshis.

All are arranged on stepped platforms. Shri Brahmadevar stone statue on an elephant and Shri Kooshmandini Yakshi statue were installed individually on either side Daises. In the fore a Mahamandapam and a Mugamandapam are also present. On the top of the porch beautiful carving of Shri Parswanathar stone idol is seated inside a gallery.

The Temple has east facing entrance and surrounded by walls on all sides. An altar and a Manasthampam are located in the open corridor. The tall Manasthampam pillar has four Thirthankars bas-relief, 12 Arihanthar carvings in stepped manner and a small vimana shape with four Thirthankar stone idols carving.

In the southwest corner a porch has two foot-print of Shri Devaraj Pattarar, who has devoted his life for Jainism in this region.  It has been installed to commemorate his noble service. He composed a composition “Jinendra Gnanath Thirupugazh”. All Jain pooja and religious rituals has been conducted recurrently in the Jinalaya. Contact: + 91 9442811977.

Thatchambadi village is located in the Polur road at about 9 Kms from Chetpet, 35 Kms from Arani, 49 Kms from Thiruvannamalai and 39 Kms from Vandavasi. Nearest Railway Station is located at Arani and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.

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